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Is your health center eligible for HRSA’s Health Center Facility Loan Guarantee Program (LGP)?

If your health center has had difficulties obtaining loans to fund their capital projects, HRSA Health Center Facility Loan Guarantee Program supports loans to eligible awardees for the construction/expansion, alteration/renovation, and modernization of health center medical facilities.

The HRSA LGP facilitates access to capital funds and reduces financing costs for health centers. This program guarantees up to 80% of the capital infrastructure projects.

The typical guaranteed loans are for projects of $5 - $7 million or more.

Once the loan guarantee is approved, HRSA monitors the repayment status of the loan and assesses the viability of the health center (financial and operational) through the life of the loan.

HRSA LGP applications are accepted year-round.

CFO Perfect can assist you in putting together an application. For more information, contact us at



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