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Have You Taken the UDS Reporting Survey Yet?

For the 2018 UDS reporting period, new functionalities and offline reporting features were introduced as part of the UDS Modernization Initiative.

HRSA is trying to get feedback for UDS reporting improvements. This voluntary and anonymous survey only has seven questions and should take around five minutes to complete. The survey will close on Friday, May 3, 2019.

  • Questions 1 – 5 are in reference to the Preliminary Reporting Environment (PRE), the offline excel reporting tool, and the offline HTML reporting tool.

  • Question 6 is regarding the reporting process.

  • Question 7 asks for suggestions to improve UDS reporting.

It is very important for an FQHC and a look-alike to be proactive and be prepared for this annual reporting requirement. CFO Perfect can help you be prepared for the 2019 UDS Report.

If you want to be proactive instead of reactive, contact us at

Link to HRSA’s UDS Report survey: Short Survey.



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